Enclosures for DIY

Thanks for visiting Landfall Systems where we manufacture custom sized enclosures for the DIY electronics hobbyist.

So what are our custom enclosures all about? The enclosure system is based on a simple extrusion profile that we offer in different sizes. The extrusion is cut to your custom lengths and matched to a top and/or bottom cover plate. We are initially offering 3 extrusion profiles and other sizes will be created as demand dictates.

ouch We’ve just been hit by new blanket tariffs on aluminum: Marketwatch. Fortunately, we have a decent supply of extrusion, but we’ve had to replenish our supply of the sheet we use for lids. After 5 years of steady prices, we’re having to make an increase, but only on the lids. Still, that’s a big part of what you need for a complete chassis. Let’s hope the craziness subsides before we have to restock again!


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